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Babatunde Stephen Odesanya
Ag. Director Group Compliance

Mr. Babatunde Stephen Odesanya is an accomplished marketing manager with experience in business planning, analysis, client servicing and marketing communications.


He worked in the banking industry, first with Chemical Bank in New York, then with First Chicago Bank. From there he joined Capital Fund International Inc. in Chicago as Vice-president (Marketing and Logistics). He was instrumental to the company’s successful commodities transactions and project consulting in Nigeria, Sudan and Sierra Leone.


In 2015, Mr. Odesanya joined ADF Group in Hong Kong as Acting Compliance Director,  Mr. Odesanya has responsibility for all ADF Group's compliance policies  including project review, KYC and AML procedures and demand creation. His realm of responsibility includes Government compliance as well as all business and projects regulations..  


Mr. Odesanya holds a B.A in Business Administration from New York  University.

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