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ADF Group was originally founded as an investment company focused on Africa. As part of its expansion strategy in 2013, the head office was established in Hong Kong.  At this time, the scope of operations was transformed to include other developing regions of the world, as well as specific advanced markets, in order to fully exploit international investment strategies. ADF Group has since evolved into an international fund management and private equity company with interests now spanning Africa, Europe and Asia.

Mission, Vision, Values


To effectively deliver superior, measurable value for all stakeholders in all the transactions we undertake and to be one of the world’s leading job creators in developing nations.


Create financial sustainability for a technology-driven, modernized society, with a developed Infrastructure and a weighting to Africa and other developing economies.


Innovative: We offer out-of-the-box financial solutions

Integrity: Our word is our bond

Tenacity: We stay the journey

Partnership: We build synergy

Teamwork: We work collaboratively to develop and implement effective ideas.

Mission, Vision, Values

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Statement

Our CSR Policy Statement

ADF Group supports the need to respond proactively to protect and enhance the social fabric and infrastructure of the communities in which it operates. To this end, we have undertaken a range of societal, sponsorship and support commitments and have put into place a range of internal policies to support our local communities and have a positive impact on a global level.

Our CSR Policy Statement on the Environment

We are committed to pollution prevention through the ongoing identification and control of those significant environmental impacts associated with our activities.

Our CSR Commitments

We agree in all countries where ADF Group participate to:

  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and approved codes of practice, on a local, regional and country level.

  • Protect the environment by striving to prevent and minimize our contribution to pollution of land, air and water.


  • Keep wastage to a minimum; manage and dispose of all waste in a responsible and eco-friendly manner and maximize the efficient use of all materials and resources by constantly evaluating our operations.

  • Train all our staff on our CSR commitments so that we all work in accordance with this policy statement and within an environmentally aware culture.

  • Regularly communicate our environmental performance to our employees and other significant stakeholders.

  • Develop our management processes to ensure that environmental factors are considered during planning and implementation.


  • Continuously monitor and improve our environmental performance

CSR Policy Statement

KYC & Anti-Money Laundering

ADF Group is deeply committed to participating in the international efforts to fight against money laundering and terrorist financing activities. As part of compliance requirements in the countries/jurisdictions where ADF Group participate, ADF Group has developed and implemented a written ‘Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering’ policy, procedures and control programmes which includes and is not limited to the following activities:


  • Identification and verification of Customers and Business partners.

  • Detailed due diligence on customer and business partners.

  • Customer and Business partner monitoring and periodic review.

  • Identification of potential money laundering and terrorist financing risks.

  • Identification of potential reputational risks in all our investment activities.

  • Screening against international and local jurisdiction sanctions lists.

  • Identification and verification of Ultimate Beneficial Owners of Business partners and customers.

  • The identification of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs).

  • Risk assessment of all Business partners and customers.

  • Know your Customer and money laundering reports.

  • Management of integrity and money laundering incidents.

  • Know your Customer and anti-money laundering awareness and training of all staff and business partners.

  • Retention of customer and Business partner records.

ADF Foundation

ADF Foundation is a registered non-profit organization that works to empower communities and protect our environment. The Foundation believes in building and maintaining strong partnerships with the communities in which it operates. ADF Foundation enriches people’s lives through implementing improved health and nutrition infrastructures, education, creating clean and safe places for our children and helping to generate sustainable sources of income for families.

Each community has unique needs and ADF Foundation strives to understand and address those needs in a sustainable and impactful way, while considering and developing our conservation areas. 

ADF Foundation

Board of Directors

Chairman, President Asia

President, Global Operations

Vice Chairman, President Africa

Ms. Catherine Kum

Executive Director, CEO Hong Kong

Ag. Director, Group Compliance

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Regional CEOs

Chief Executive Officer ADF Group South Africa

Chief Executive Officer ADF Group Hong Kong

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Board of Director
Regional CEOs
Subsidiary MDs

Regional Operating Officers: Africa

Execution leadership remains critical for Africa-focused projects.  Africa comprises the majority of our infrastructure and private equity funds and we have developed a strong operating team to execute.

Africa Subsidiary Operating MDs

Managing Director - ADF Technology (Pty) Limited

Managing Director -ADF Construction (Pty) Limited.

Managing Director -ADF Mining (PTY) Ltd.

Managing Director- ADF Estates (PTY) Ltd.

Managing Director - ADF Security (Pty) Ltd.

Managing Director - ADF Plant Lease & Hire (PTY) Ltd.

Managing Director- ADF Health (Pty) Limited

Managing Director- ADF Agriculture (Pty) Ltd

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