Secondary Industries

ADF has developed select entities focused on product and service transformation processes.

ADF Construction undertakes high-value infrastructure projects, both civil and industrial.  ADF Construction is experienced in large-scale Civil Engineering projects, mining and industrial facilities, as well as public and private sector developments. ADF Construction develops projects from inception to completion through turnkey or EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) solutions.

ADF Construction

ADF Estates

ADF Estates is involved in  several  major business segments: land identification and acquisition, environmental studies and approvals, planning, construction and implementation, as well as front line sales, marketing, and after sales services  - end user finance, insurance, etc..

Sectors of interest include government-based projects - Departments of Public Works,Education, Health - infrastructure and housing (different Local Municipalities and Department of Human Settlements). Also private residential, private commercial and Mixed Development Projects.

ADF Estates gives priority to projects where government and private sector form Private Public Partnerships (PPP’s) are provided.

The Alternative Building Technologies segment of ADF Estates aims to introduce various new, exciting alternative quality and affordable construction technologies to the industry. ADF Estates seek to establish manufacturing plants using the alternative technologies across the country of participation.

ADF Plant Lease & Hire 

ADF Plant Lease & Hire specializes in the leasing and maintenance of the most advanced and patented crusher equipment currently used in the mining and construction industries in Africa. It will also offer the complete range of yellow equipment needed for mining and construction projects are also available as a package.