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Tertiary Industries

ADF has developed select entities focused on the supply of goods and services to consumers, governments and businesses

ADF Technology

ADF Technology has pursued an aggressive acquisition strategy to develop local IT partners to design, develop, support and promote integrated ICT applications and solutions. ADF Technology is set to become the leading African ICT provider, with a strong focus on developing transferrable skills. 

Strategic areas of interest include: MIS (Management Information Systems) for Government and private sectors;, e-Government and g-Cloud governance; revenue collection and mediation solutions; e-Payment; Digital Currencies; Mobile Money Operators; and 3rd Party Payment Provision and Settlement Solutions.

ADF Health

ADF Health is a private health care concern specializing in acquisitions and establishment of Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies (retail, distribution, stores and manufacturing), and Medical Equipment & Supplies.

ADF Health also invests in National Health Information and Management Systems that provide access to quality services for all and promote health industries that foster economic growth, technological innovation and job creation.

ADF Health’s initiatives are conducted in unison with other areas of human development such as education and social services.

ADF Health also acquires, equips and manages Government hospitals and clinics on behalf of partner governments.

ADF Security

ADF Security works exclusively with one of the largest, privately-owned companies in the security industry in Africa

Scope of interest includes:

  • Analytical Risk Management

  • Protection Services

  • Technology

  • Aviation security

  • Forensic Services

ADF Retail

ADF Retail focuses on the acquisitions and expansion of existing retail stores and supermarkets across Africa, focused on both the upscale and the lower end markets.


The acquisitions are specifically targeted to enable the consolidation of single brands to maximize economies of scale, thereby lowering prices for quality goods to African consumers.

ADF Technology
ADF Health
ADF Security
ADF Retail
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