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Asset and Wealth Management


Services are provided by ADF CAPITAL AG, a Swiss domiciled and licensed company providing Asset and Wealth Management for international clients. Our main focus is in the European, Asian and African markets.


                        "As a client, you are looking for a partner who can deal with
                   all your financial activities;  who is familiar with your specific
                   requirements, who speaks your language, and who
                    fundamentally understands your objectives."

Among our extensive network of business partners in Switzerland and internationally are unit trusts and investment funds, National and Regional Governments, trustees, lawyers and tax consultants. Further, our clients benefit from the very favorable conditions we have negotiated with a few carefully selected depositary and custodial banks.

The minimum approved asset value of investment is US$10 million for any single client.

Our Solution

Our asset and wealth management solutions are carefully tailored to the wishes and needs of every investor. Together with our clients, we develop an individual investment strategy, taking into consideration numerous factors such as personal risk tolerance, investment horizons ,wealth structure, and individual preferences and requirements.

For Governments, especially in Africa, we assist in leveraging bankable assets and mineral resources as a means of Investment vehicles to finance infrastructural projects with lower costs.

We are free of any conflict of interest due to our independence from commercial and investment banks and other related financial service providers. In addition, our fee structure is fully transparent and we act purely in the interest of our clients.

Our Approach to Investments and Wealth planning

Whether it involves allocating capital to equities, fixed income or alternative investments, ADF Capital uses a disciplined and consistent approach, combined with a long-term investment perspective.

We use Open Investment Plan—an investment approach that considers the broadest possible range of asset classes and investment strategies. We provide you with a highly diversified portfolio that is tailor-made to your unique needs and objectives, and is designed to provide superior risk-adjusted returns over a variety of market conditions and dynamics.

At ADF Capital AG, we provide financial counseling services to high net worth individuals and families with the aim of helping them create a comprehensive plan that will preserve and enhance their wealth across generations.


Our clients receive individual attention from our senior professionals, including carefully selected investment managers, lawyers, accountants and trust specialists, who are experienced in the complexities of wealth planning. We work with our clients and their professional advisors to fully understand their goals and identify factors that may influence their planning and appropriate investment strategies.

ADF Funds of Funds

ADF Funds of Funds creates a strategic portfolio of 3rd party investment funds rather than investing directly in stocks, bonds or other securities. This multi-manager investment fund strategy can be “fettered” meaning that it invests only in funds managed by the same investment company, or “unfettered” meaning that it can invest in external funds run by other managers.

Government Infrastructure Investments

ADF Group has allocated 70% of its direct investment funds to bankable Government (National and Regional) projects to support and promote long term Investments in infrastructure projects.

ADF Group provides the investment as either long term secured debt or direct partnership in the infrastructure projects through a structured Private Public Partnership (PPP) arrangement.

The projects must have detailed feasibility study reports and a structured security to cover the financing. For each project, we carry out a stringent due diligence process and careful analysis of valuation undertaken on a consistent basis which must be in line with the ADF Group Government Infrastructure Investment Strategy that reduces downside risk and enhances both parties’ returns on investments.

ADF Group is also actively involved in the management of the funded projects through the relevant subsidiaries so as to ensure the funds released for each project are applied effectively.

Our deal range under Government Infrastructure Investments is from US$ 25 Million to US$ 10 Billion+.

Private Equity and Debt Investment

ADF Group Private Equity Funds focus primarily on control-oriented investments in cash flow generating, asset-based businesses in Africa, Asia and Europe. 

ADF Group invests in entities through three fund categories;

ADF Subsidiaries Investment Fund

ADF Group allocates 15% of its direct investment funds portfolio to ADF wholly owned subsidiaries.

Acquisitions and Mergers Fund

ADF Group has allocated 10% of its direct investment funds portfolio to buyout mature profitable businesses with total existing enterprise values typically ranging from US$10 million to $1 Billion+, where management has developed a compelling plan to create substantial growth over the expected typical 5-7 year cycle of our investment and strong internal rate of return (IRRs).


ADF Group also participates in strategic mergers so as to consolidate industry positions in certain markets, for example   
through direct approach or if requested by relevant regulators/Governments where we have invested in related

infrastructure projects.

Growth Equity and Venture Capital Fund

ADF Group has allocated 3% of its direct investment funds portfolio to Growth Equity and Venture Capital opportunities. These carry greater risk and we target higher returns. These less mature companies must show a strong growth trajectory based on a new technology or disruptive business model and must be led by an experienced management team.

Research and Innovation Fund

ADF Group has allocated 2% of its direct investment funds to research and innovation initiatives that is geared towards improving the competitive edge of investee projects and concerns.

This is done through direct investments and calling for research and innovation competitions in different fields that ADF Group has invested in. This Fund is also used to assist Governments that ADF Group has at least invested in the past to conduct feasibility study reports on viable business concepts presented by such Governments.

Financial Consultancy Services

ADF Group offers a full range of financial consultancy services to participating Governments, with specialization in asset and wealth management; infrastructure projects feasibility study services, project management and financial instruments restructuring.

Asset and Wealth Management
Government Infrastructure Investments
Private Equity and Debt Investments
Financial Consultancy Services
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