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Dennis de Beer
Managing Director- ADF Agriculture (Pty) Ltd

Mr. Dennis de Beer initially worked in marine resources,  both in commercial diving and marine aquaculture operations. Thereafter he consulted on several agricultural projects throughout continental Africa for both governments and corporate clients. The various turn-around strategies and project re-alignments that were devised and implemented resulted in multi-million dollar rescue initiatives with a concomitant return to profitability.


Mr. de Beer's past project management experience includes large-scale agricultural farming operations with a strong emphasis on food security, health and safety in the work place, logistical support, human resource management, bios security, process management and strategic intervention programs. The successful integration of these skills has allowed him to initiate the founding of “Agri” Villages and “Agri” Cities enabling “grass roots” agricultural development based upon symbiotic agricultural processes.


Combining this vision with a successful skills development and agricultural mentorship program has resulted in the upliftment of subsistence farmers to become productive and skilled contract growers for larger centralized commercial agricultural enterprises.

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