Mr. Duncan Oduor Otieno
Vice Chairman, President Africa

Mr. Duncan Oduor Otieno is a Co-Founder of ADF Group, the Vice Chairman and President of Africa in charge of ensuring sustainable and strategic investments of ADF Group funds in Africa. Mr Otieno is also the founder  MobiKash Afrika Limited and is one of Africa’s leading entrepreneurs with interests in companies such as Zalareeds, Zalafin, MobiCom Africa, Deetwog Systems, Zona Group, and Tabilda Construction Group, Sawa Farm Products, and Topmed Group.

His business interests range from IT and Software Development, Financial Services, Retail & Distribution, Media,  Real Estate, and Events Management. 

Mr. Otieno has worked in the banking industry for over 16 years in various senior management positions. He has also worked with the Government of Kenya as well as various auditing and consulting firms.  Mr. Otieno has a wealth of experience and knowledge in commercial banking, microfinance institutions, payment systems, retail and trade, risk management, audit, strategic management and accounting.

Mr. Otieno holds an MBA in Finance, a BSc. In Finance and is currently pursuing a PhD. in Finance at Jomo Kenyatta University of Science & Technology in Kenya.