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Ms. Sandra Ferguson-Hunte
Director - Group Compliance 

Ms. Sandra Ferguson brings a wealth of corporate experience in Accounting, Audit, Finance, Banking, External and Internal Reporting, Internal Control Assessment and Project Management to ADF Group. Ms. Sandra has over 25 years of experience in USA, Europe, and Asia corporate entities such as Deloitte & Touche LLP, Merrill Lynch Trust Company, Citibank, N.A., Verizon Wireless, Quest Diagnostics, and Crowe Chizek and Company LLC. Ms. Sandra areas of specialty include firm-designated expertise in banks, limited venture capital partnerships, mutual funds, unit investment trusts, service and not-for-profit entities. Ms. Sandra has held several senior management executive positions leading teams of professionals in the flawless execution of management’s key goals and objectives. She also had extensive expertise in systems, internal controls development, and corporate governance. 

Further, Ms. Sandra has extensively recruited, trained and developed staff associations internationally. Ms. Sandra is a world-class negotiator and project-management specialist and brings dynamic team leadership skills and experience. In the private sector, she has owned and managed businesses specializing in small to mid-sized companies’ internal controls and business development as well as providing financial planning and wealth management strategy services for high net worth individuals.  Ms. Sandra is a Certified Public Accountant and she holds a B.B.A. in Public Accounting from Hofstra University.


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